Gaining Stadium Status with John Brubaker

Episode 102 – John Brubaker discusses his book Stadium Status and the business strategies used by stadium-filling country acts, sports teams and top brands to build their fan base and differentiate from the competition. John is the author The Coach Approach and Seeds of Success, which was recognized as the 2013 Business Book of the year at the Hollywood Book Festival and has been adapted into a screenplay for a major motion picture. Stay tuned after the interview for action items and bonus comments.

Pricing Done Right with Tim Smith

Episode 101 – Tim Smith discusses his book Pricing Done Right and the pricing framework proven successful by the world’s most profitable companies. Tim began his career as a research scientist in quantum mechanics before his pursuits led him to business, where his deep love of math and his orientation to capturing profitable customers came together in a rather unique way. He shares strategies for value-based pricing, implementation, and execution. Stay tuned after the interview for action items and bonus comments.

High Stakes Negotiating with Corey Kupfer

Episode 100 – Corey Kupfer discusses his book Authentic Negotiating and keys to true negotiating success. Corey has more than 30 years experience as a successful entrepreneur and attorney. He’s got a law degree from New York University and runs his own Manhattan-based law firm. Corey has negotiated hundreds of deals including big real estate, public offerings, leverage buyouts, and more. In 2011, he won the Attorney of the Year award at New York Enterprise Report’s Best Accountants and Attorneys for Growing Business Awards. Stay tuned after the interview for three action items and hear bonus comments.

How to be a Magnetic Leader with Roberta Matuson

Episode 99 – Roberta Matuson discusses her book The Magnetic Leader and ways to attract and employees, customers and profits. Robert is known globally as “The Talent Maximizer” and has helped leaders in Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, New Balance, The Boston Beer Company achieve dramatic growth and market leadership through the maximization of their talent. She’s the author of Suddenly In Charge, which was a Washington Post Top 5 Business Book.

Master the Art of Connecting with Lou Diamond

Lou DiamondEpisode 98 – Lou Diamond discusses his book Master the Art of Connecting and ways to move beyond ‘networking’ and build more profitable, meaningful and lasting business relationships. Lou says there is a big difference between networking and connecting, and he’s got some advice that can really make a difference. Stay tuned after for three action items to take advantage of the ideas and advice in this interview, and hear bonus comments.

Be The Boss Nobody Will Leave with Scott Love

Episode 97 – Scott Love discusses his book Why They Follow and ways to be the boss that nobody will leave. Scott is an expert in employee loyalty. As a former Navy leadership trainer and president of The Attorney Search Group, a high-stakes recruitment firm, Scott examines empirical research based on tens of thousands of conversations with with business professionals and C-Suite leaders. Stay tuned after for five action items and hear bonus comments.

The Boomerang Principle with Lee Caraher

Episode 96 – Lee Caraher discusses her book The Boomerang Principle and ways to inspire lifetime loyalty from your employees. Companies today must see themselves as “talent brands” where employees that move on often return in the form of customers, partners, or advocates…and even returning employees. Stay tuned after the interview for five action items and hear bonus comments from Lee.

Be Bad First and other Leadership Skills with Erika Anderson

Episode 95 – Erika Andersen discusses her book Be Bad First and ways to get good at things fast in order to stay ready for the future. Erika is the founding partner of Proteus, a coaching, consulting and training firm that focuses on leader readiness. Erika is one of the most popular leadership bloggers at, and is the author of Leading So People Will Follow, Being Strategic, and Growing Great Employees. Stay tuned in the second half for five action items, and hear bonus comments from Erika.

Leadership Lessons from the Front Lines with Justin Constantine

Episode 94 – Justin Constantine discusses his book My Battlefield, Your Office and leadership lessons he has learned from the front lines while serving as a Lieutenant Colonel in the marines. Hear his amazing story of being shot in the head by a sniper, and his advice for all of us to be better leaders and more successful people. Stay tuned after for five action items and to hear bonus comments from Justin.

Do MBA Programs Prepare Students for Success? – Special Episode

adult male drawing business enviroment sketchSpecial Episode – Jeff Kavanaugh, adjunct professor at University of Texas, discusses his new study on whether or not MBA programs are adequately preparing students for career success. Find out what areas are lacking, and what you can do to boost your learning with skills that employers are looking for today. Plus, listen to never-before-heard advice from past guests Dorie Clark, John Lee Dumas and Doug Sandler in this special episode.