Don’t Pay for Your MBA

Author Laurie Pickard talks with Kevin Craine about her new book, “Don’t Pay For Your MBA.” Laurie decodes how to obtain the equivalent by taking advantage of free or low-cost massive open online courses taught by professors at the world’s best business schools. You’ve seen her in places like Fortune, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney, Financial Times, and Bloomberg Business.

Five Steps to Boost Sales with Vertical Marketing

profitKevin Craine discusses five action items you can use to take advantage of Vertical Marketing. It can be difficult to succeed if you are perceived as a “jack of all trades.” Instead, boost your sales and your profits by specializing in one or more vertical markets. Listen for five actionable steps you can take to develop a “beachhead strategy” focused on winning a particular market first before moving into other, larger markets.

The Power of Vulnerability with Barry Kaplan

Episode 138 – Barry Kaplan discusses his book “The Power of Vulnerability” and ways leaders can improve their skills and effectiveness. If you are an executive or manager, or business owner, you know that being “the boss” isn’t always easy….and it can feel overwhelming to be the one who is expected to have all the answers. Learn how to shed the burden of having to be “right” all the time and gain a newfound freedom to explore the bigger picture. Listen for three action items in the later part of the interview.

How to Improve Your Impromptu Speaking Skills

Judith Humphrey joins Kevin Craine to discuss her book “Impromptu: Leading in the Moment,” and ways you can better prepare for unplanned and impromptu moments and communicate as a confident and compelling leader. Judith is a columnist for Fast Company and was awarded the 2012 YWCA’S prestigious Woman of Distinction award for Entrepreneurship. Listen for three action items you can use to take advantage of the ideas and advice in this interview.

Shortcut Your Startup with Courtney Reum

Episode 136 – Courtney Reum discusses his book “Shortcut Your Startup” (an Amazon #1 best-seller) and ways to turn traditional advice on its head for better startup success. Courtney is a former Goldman Sachs investment banker turned entrepreneur, and one of the stars of the syndicated television show, Hatched. Listen for three action items you can use to take advantage of the ideas and advice in this interview.

Gain Clarity, Improve Performance with Karen Martin

Bent knee tigher crop 0184 300dpiEpisode 135 – Karen Martin discusses her book “Clarity First” and how smart leaders and organizations can achieve outstanding performance by working to establish better clarity. Karen is a leading authority on lean management and performance improvement for businesses, government agencies, and the not-for-profit sector. Her clients include big brands like AT&T, Chevron, and the United States Department of Homeland Security to name just a few. Stay tuned for three action items to take advantage of her ideas and advice.

Career Transition Tips and Techniques with Tama Kieves

Episode 134 – Tama Kieves discusses her book “Thriving Through Uncertainty” and steps to take to make a successful career transition. After years of working tirelessly to become a Harvard-educated partner at a top law firm, Tama realized that the career she invested so much in left her unfulfilled. Tama gave it all up to make changes necessary to lead the life she always wanted. She offers real-world advice to help others do the same. Listen for three action items to take advantage of her ideas and advice.

Best of 2017 Interviews

Episode 133- Best of 2017 Interviews with best-selling authors Dorie Clark, John Rossman, Jess Todtfeld and Vanessa Van Edwards; plus 2017 Knowledge Leader Circle members Nathan Hirsch and Steven Kuhn. These interview excerpts are some of the best of the best from the show this year. Listen for action items and advice on personal branding, executive leadership, media skills, eCommerce and more.

How Brands Dominate with Christopher Lockhead

Episode 132 – Christopher Lockhead discusses his book “Play Bigger” and how brands dominate their industry by creating new market categories. The Marketing Journal calls Christopher “One The Best Minds in Marketing,” and Newsweek calls him, “The Howard Stern of Entrepreneurialism.” Listen for three action items that you can use to take advantage of the ideas and advice in this interview.