Think and Grow Digital with Joris Merks

Joris Merks

Joris Merks

Episode 1Joris Merks, head of Digital Transformation at Google, discusses his book, Think and Grow Digital – What the net generation needs to survive and thrive in any organization.

Stay tuned after the interview for five actionable items you can do today, and for the rest of the week and beyond, to begin to immediately take advantage of the ideas and advice in this interview.

Welcome to Everyday MBA

Kevin Craine

Episode 0Kevin Craine hosts Everyday MBA, a weekly interview show featuring best-selling authors, innovative thought-leaders and top-shelf executives all sharing their best techniques and tips that you won’t learn in business school.

Learn what to expect on Everyday MBA, and hear bonus comments from best-selling authors Scott McKain, Michael Houlian and Bonnie Harvey describe what it takes to succeed in business today.