Want to be a guest on Everyday MBA?

Join the Everyday MBA Knowledge Leader Circle. As a member you’ll become a featured guest on the show. Kevin will conduct an in-depth interview to discuss your ideas and perspectives. What is your advice or approach, why is it important, what are the results, and what are your recommendations for our listeners?

Other great benefits include a custom ad spot voiced by Kevin, inclusion in our year-end “best of” episode, and an opportunity to provide a give-away or promotion to our listeners. Included also are three action items of your choosing that our listeners can use to take advantage of your ideas and advice.

Contact us to find out more — Info@Everyday-MBA.com

Listen to some of our Knowledge Circle guests

Harley Davis – VP, IBM Automation
Jason Bradshaw – VP, CX at Volkswagen
Tim Calkins – Best Selling Author, How to Wash A Chicken
Nazim Agabekov – Lead Gen Black Belt
Leo Bottary – Author, What Anyone Can Do
Cheryl Heller – Author, The Intergalactic Design Guide

Contact us to find out more — Info@Everyday-MBA.com

Everyday MBA Knowledge Leader Circle

A full 20 minute interview with Kevin Craine

This is the type of in-depth interview that Everyday MBA is known for, covering your specific tactics, ideas and advice. Listen to a sample episode here.

A 45 second ad spot

This is a professionally produced ad spot voiced by Kevin Craine that promotes your book, your business…or you! Listen to a sample here.

Author pitch/give-away to the audience

This is an opportunity during the interview to present a special promotion or give-away to our audience — exclusive offers related to your practice or book. Listen to a sample here.

Inclusion in ongoing show promo spots

Circle Members are included in the weekly rotation of guest promo spots for every episode of Everyday MBA. That way, your exposure keeps going. Listen to samples here.

Featured in the Annual Special Episode

Circle members are guaranteed a featured quote in our annual end-of-year episode. This special episode is a great way to be included with other best-selling guests. Listen to a sample episode here.

Professionally Produced MP3

You’ll also receive a fully produced MP3 file of your interview that you are free to use for your own promotion, on your website, and in social media.

Find out more — Info@Everyday-MBA.com