Author Your Brand with Doug Crowe

Episode 21 – Doug Crowe discusses his book “I Wrote The Book On It” and strategies to write, publish and profit from a #1 book. Doug is a senior journalist with Newswire and you’ve seen him in the Chicago Tribune, MSN Money, and on ABC Radio. Learn how being a published author is an advantage in business and ways you can do it too.

Stay tuned after the interview for five action items to immediately take advantage of the ideas and advice in this interview. Hear some bonus comments from Doug in the second half.


  1. Kevin, I’ve been interviewed by dozens of TV and radio personalities. You are, by far, one of the most professional interviewers I’ve had the honor of speaking with. If anyone needs podcast help in ANY way, listen to the professionalism, production quality and content and hire Kevin.

    You’ll be glad you did!