Success Tips for Women Entrepreneurs with Stephanie Breedlove

Episode 90 – Stephanie Breedlove discusses her book All In and how women entrepreneurs can think bigger and build sustainable businesses. Stephanie is the co-founder of HomePay, and an advocate and roll model for women in business today. She eventually sold her business for $50 million and she shares specific and proven tactics for entrepreneur success. Stay tuned after the interview for five action items and bonus comments from Stephanie.

Action Items for C-Suite Leaders – Special Episode

Special Episode – Action Items for C-Suite Leaders. Executive leadership success advice from five of our most popular guests, including best seller Brian Solis, executive coach Susan Steinbrecher, deep dive business reporter Joseph Michelli, customer experience pioneer Jeanne Bliss, and business author, consultant and speaker Joe Calloway. Stay tuned next week for another regularly scheduled episode.

Social Selling Mastery with Jamie Shanks

Episode 89 – Jamie Shanks discusses his book Social Selling Mastery and practical tips to boost sales using social media. Jamie has built social selling programs in Fortune 500 corporations such as Intel, SAS, Oracle, and ADP. Hear action steps to better engage, expand and profit from your social media network. Don’t just make noise, make a difference and win sales with social media. Stay tuned after for five action items and hear bonus comments.

The Thing About Work with Richard Moran

Episode 88 – Richard Moran discusses his book The Thing About Work: Showing Up and Other Important Matters and ways to increase your effectiveness, happiness and success in business today. Richard is President of Menlo College, the author of seven best-selling books, and the host of “​In the Workplace” on KCBS Radio in San Francisco. Stay tuned after for five action items to take advantage of the ideas in this interview and hear bonus comments.

Free Range Brands with Nicole Ertas

Episode 87- Nicole Ertas discusses her book Free Range Brands and how a new breed of brands that have up-ended many of the traditional corporate brands that once dominated the marketing world. Why are many of the once dominant brands, with the best creative agencies and biggest marketing budgets, finding it so difficult to stay relevant with today? What can we do to build brands that engage with a new type of consumer. Stay tuned after for five action items and bonus comments to take advantage of the ideas in this interview.

2017 Predictions and Tips – Special Episode

Special Episode – 2017 Predictions and Tips. Host Kevin Craine discusses five predictions and tips you can use to take advantage in the new year. 1. Watch for Internet Shutdowns. 2. Mobile Workforce. 3. Automated Content Strategies. 4. Optimizing Across Multiple Devices. 5. Marketing with a Purpose. Stay tuned next week for another regular episode of Everyday MBA.

Special Holiday Greeting

xmas-guitarSpecial Greeting – Merry Christmas 2016. The show is taking a break this week. Hear a holiday season message and enjoy “Fingerstyle Christmas” acoustic guitar instrumental music from Kevin Craine. We’ll be back next week.



Chasing Relevance with Dan Negroni

Episode 86 – Dan Negroni discusses his book Chasing Relevance and six steps to understand, engage and maximize next-generation leaders in the workplace. Dan is a business management and talent development consultant focused on today’s critical cross-generational issues. Steps to bridge the gap between managers and their millennial workforce to improve performance and profitability. Stay tuned after the interview for action items and bonus comments.

Virtues of Exceptional Leaders with Rob Jenkins

Episode 85 – Rob Jenkins discusses The 9 Virtues of Exceptional Leaders and steps to unlock your leadership potential. Rob serves as a professor at Georgia State University and as a Fellow of the Academy for Academic Leadership. He’s a regular contributor to The Chronicle of Higher Education. Stay tuned after the interview for five action items and hear bonus comments.